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Myself (Leon) and the tour dog Tobi

Welcome to CHC Crew Tours


Are you looking to make the most of your layover in Christchurch (CHC)? Look no further! I'm an ex-EK crew member of 9 years, and I'm here to offer you an unforgettable experience during your time in CHC.

I offer these tours to provide international crews an opportunity to experience CHC and it's surroundings with no stress.
It's important to always message me via WhatsApp or email me to arrange a tour before placing your booking online as I am the sole owner operator.

As a former international flight attendant I understand the importance of maximising layover time. That's why I've tailored crew tours specifically to suit your wake-up call times and arrival schedules. Plus, I've made sure to keep the prices as low as possible, allowing you to indulge in the additional activities such as the Alpaca Farm, Thermal Pools and more, without breaking the bank.

Currently, I have a vehicle with space for 9 crew; however, I can source a larger vehicle if required and enough notice is provided with crew confirmed as attending.

Please contact me before your arrival in CHC to ensure I am available and provide some confirmation of crew numbers. This also allows you to get the maximum out of your layover time.

Please contact me via the contact me page or WhatsApp to receive the PDF of the brochure and links to book.


See you on tour soon!!

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