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Below are some common questions that are asked by other crew, please check the below to see if your question can be answered before sending a message to the team at CHC Crew Tours.

1. Must we message you prior to booking online?

Yes messaging me prior is a must as I am sole operator of the tours and availability can change last minute. This also helps me plan ahead and prevents you booking and paying when im not available.

2. How long are the tours?
Each tour varies in length. The approximate length of tours is mentioned in each tour description.

3. What time do we depart and arrive back to the hotel?
These times are mentioned in the tour descriptions and have been planned according to fit most layover timings.

4. What happens if I fail to show for tour even though I have paid for the tour?
No-shows are non-refundable please refer to the cancellation/refund policy.

5. Are the prices per-person or depending on the group size?
All prices listed are per-person.


6. How many passengers can you take?
At this stage my main vehicle fits 9 pax. (all tours require minimum 4 pax)
I can source a larger van if the group is more than 9 pax but in order for me to source the larger advanced notice will be required, the larger van can max take 11 pax. (rare occasions 14) (this is subject to the larger van being available at the time)

7. What happens if we are more than 11 pax?
If you are more than 11 pax you will need to speak with me and we can sort the additional people out another way.

8. How do I pay for tours? 
Tours can be paid directly through the website or you can pay cash. Cash must be paid upon your arrival to the hotel.
Currencies accepted are NZD, USD, AUD. When paying in these currencies the values are the same. Example, advertised price is $100 NZD then the price in USD or AUD is $100. This covers for my time, fuel, exchange fees for me to have to then go and exchange the currencies to NZD and for any variations in exchange rates.

9. How many drivers do you have?
Only 1 driver which is me. Therefore if you are a group with different requests for tours you will need to come to a concensus about which tour you will do.

10. What happens if the weather is not good?
Tours run all weather conditions, however if the weather is severe I may offer you alternatives to make sure you can enjoy as much as possible or if needed I may cancel the tour. Please refer to the Cancellation/Refund Policy regarding these situations.

11. Do you have any discounts?
At this stage CHC Crew Tours does not offer any discounts. This is because we have tried to keep our costs as low as possible by including entry to activities etc in the tour price. Running costs in New Zealand are quite high.

We may from time to time offer promotions via our social media platforms. Follow us of Instagram if you wish to find these promotions. @chccrewtours.

12. Do you provide food or drinks on the tours?
Most tours do not include food/drink. You can take water bottles from the hotel if you wish to carry water with you. 
Some tours have breakfast included as an option. Refer to tour descriptions to see which ones.

It is recommended for tours that don't include meals you have your breakfast/meals before pick up. However if you choose to have breakfast/meals on your tour, during any free time periods, you are welcome to use that time as you wish.

13. What happens if we are late back?
CHC Crew Tours has planned all tours to suit layovers for crews to ensure that there is time contingency to prevent us being late.
If anything goes wrong and causes us to be late back, CHC Crew Tours does not accept any liability for any outcomes this may have with your airline or employer. You are coming on tour at your own risk.

14. How do we best contact you?
You can reach us on WhatsApp +64 20 424 1375. Please note when you first message you will receive an auto reply. We will respond further if needed when possible to do so. Please take into account the time in NZ as to when you message.

15. Do you run tours to other locations not listed on yor website?
Yes we do. If you have a place in mind that you want to go message us on What'sApp
+64 20 424 1375 to discuss. Just remember all tours require minimum 4 pax. 

16. What do your prices include?
All prices include entry to activities, some tours can have breakfast included these will show in tour descriptions.*

It is recommended for tours that don't include meals you have your breakfast/meals before pick up. However if you choose to have breakfast/meals on your tour, during any free time periods, you are welcome to use that time as you wish.
*All bookings subject to booking fee and credit card fees.

17. Do you provide refunds?

Please refer to the refund policies in the policies section of the website.

18. Do you pick us up from the hotel?

Yes, I am already well familiar with all the different hotels that the international crews are staying in and will pick you up directly from your hotel. Please ensure you are in the hotel lobby at least 15mins prior to departure as departure times are firm. Check in for tours closes 10mins before departure.

No-shows are not refunded.

19. Why is there a Booking Fee and Credit Card Surcharge?

The booking fee is charged by the website platform Rezdy. I already pay a monthly subsciption to use this platform however they also apply a fee per booking which goes directly to them not me.
The credit card surcharge is a fee that visa and mastercard charge the payment platform and the platform onloads this to the customer.
My margins in the prices of my tours are very minimal and therefore as a small business I am unable to absorb these fees, so they are therefore onloaded to the customer during the booking process. This is similar to booking with other providers online.

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